No two plastic cards have the same card number even if they are issued by different banks. This is made possible by the international standards by which they are regularized. Some card numbers consist of 19 digits while some are not up to that. However, BIN, a short word for bank identification number, is the term used to indicate the first 6 digits of a plastic card including credit, debit and gift cards. These first 6 digits are important parts of every card number that you should take note of and utilise if you are receiving payment with plastic card for your business. They could be likened as the DNA of a card. With the BIN, you can decode a card and obtain lots of information about the card.

BIN is now being used by merchants to checkmate credit fraud as it helps them to determine whether a buyer is the actual owner of the card and real buyer. With the BIN, they can obtain the details of the card and then match it with the information provided by the user. If there is any discrepancy, it is a sign of red flag and that something is wrong.

Just as with any new software program of this kind, there are now different BIN checker service providers with each using different BIN checker software. However, a good BIN lookup service should have the following features.

Daily update

Every BIN checker has a database which contains BIN records. However, plastic cards are being issued on daily basis by issuers to their new customers. So, BIN checker database is not fixed. A good one comes with a database that automatically updates itself on daily basis to accommodate new card issued by banks and other issuers or also to allow users to access new features that were not there initially.

Quick validation time

Normally card payment is instantaneous meaning that it occurs very quick and in a second. No buyer would want to waste time to get their orders processed. Thus, a good BIN checker should also match the speed of card payment. The verification process should also be instantaneous. In this way, users don’t have to waste the time of their buyers before validating transactions and approve orders.

Security and privacy

Nowadays, security and privacy matters are taken seriously in many jurisdictions. The violation of security and privacy can result in serious claims and court cases. This fact is well known to BIN checker service providers. So, a good BIN checker protects the privacy and security of their users. Information and data run through the system’s search box is not stored in any manner. So, if you are planning to use a BIN checker service, ensure that you use one that does not store data.

Convenience and straightforward

A good BIN checker also known as IIN (Issuer Identification Number) checker is very simple, straightforward and easy to use. It should not be complex because not all users are internet-savvy or have time to spend in learning a complex BIN checker.

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